People willing to commit their resources to a public objective get my utmost respect. They are the highlight of my work life. A few years back, I met a couple who were both research ophthalmologists. Both had also been diagnosed with macular degeneration. Back then, treatments were limited, and it was only a matter of […]

I have had a lot of experience with private foundations. During the first five years of my practice, I helped clients form more than 100 private foundations. In the following 20 years, that number probably hit 300. A client who wants to sponsor her own scholarship program or send money to charities outside the US […]

The devil is most definitely in the details regarding income tax deductions for charitable contributions. When you give more than $250 to a charity, the tax code says you cannot deduct that contribution unless the charity gives you a contemporaneous written acknowledgment for it. The acknowledgment must contain three statements. First, it must identify the […]